Faith-based True Stories

  • Creative dramatizations of people whose faith has made a profound impact on others
  • Inspiring messages of struggles, accomplishments, and God’s purposes fulfilled
  • Casts of professional actors in authentic costume along with interaction directly with the audience
  • One hour or more in length
  • Simple sets that depict a specific location and time

“his words: HIS WORD”
(60-minute production with audience involvement)

  • Relates the true story of William Tyndale of the 1500’s in England, who was determined to translate the Bible into English against the power of the King and the Pope. This story is intriguingly told by a troubadour who is hiding something valuable in a sack of potatoes and who reveals the struggles, accomplishments and martyrdom of Tyndale.
  • With a cast of three Maranatha actors and period music 

“Martyred:  The Chet Bitterman Story”
(75-minute production and current update)

  • Dramatizes with flashbacks the true story of a young Wycliffe Bible translator from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who was kidnapped by rebel guerillas and martyred in Bogota, Colombia, in 1981.  While he never reached the tribe he felt called to serve, Chet did share the truths of the Bible with his captors.
  • With a cast of four Maranatha actors and audio effects

“Blessed by Fanny ”
(60-minute production with musical selections)

  • Retells some of Fanny Crosby’s life story and her amazing gift from God to write hymns. She wrote over 8,000 hymns, many under various pen names. When composer William Doane was in need of lyrics for his tunes, he knew he could count on Fanny to provide meaningful words, with resulting hymns such as “Safe in the Arms of Jesus.” Other well known hymns by Fanny are sung throughout the production.
  • With a cast of four Maranatha actors and hymns sung by Fanny and the audience