Oliver Carey

Oliver debuted with Maranatha Productions as Onesimus in “A Letter to Philemon” at summer youth camps.  He then took on the role of Melchior for the Christmas drama “The Messiah Has Come.” Involved in drama since a child, he seeks to serve God as he is called.  He has interned with Glad Tidings Church in the Reading area, working with youth.

Scott Carter
Scott has traveled with Maranatha throughout the States as well as to England and Jamaica with live drama. He has portrayed William Tyndale in “his words: HIS WORD,” Chet’s best friend in “Martyred: The Chet Bitterman Story,” various roles in Christmas dramas, and often a rabbi with a story to tell in Biblical dramas. Formerly a lawyer in Washington, D.C. and a church planter in Uruguay with Avante, Scott currently serves as Pastor of Organizational Leadership at Church of the Open Door in York, Pennsylvania.

Eric Cooper

Eric has performed in many Biblical dramas with Maranatha, such as “Blind Bartimaeus” and “Adonijah, the Arrogant Prince.”  One of his favorite Maranatha dramas is the true story of William Tyndale, “his words: HIS WORD,” in which he has played every part at one time or another. The role of Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” is another one of his favorite roles. A computer specialist by profession, Eric has also directed and performed in various dramas at Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA.

Dathan Glick
Dathan has taken on challenging roles such as Wycliffe Bible translator Chet Bitterman in “Martyred” and an outspoken Pharisee in “Consider the Lilies,” a more traditional passion play, as well as in “Jesus in Blues Jeans,” a contemporary version.  Traveling with Maranatha Productions throughout the United States and in the Holy Lands and the West Indies, Dathan has performed in numerous Biblical dramas with roles including Bartimaeus, Adonijah, and Onesimus. Interacting well with children and young people, Dathan has portrayed various characters, such as Tom Sawyer, for children’s theater and summer camps.

Leah Hubbard Bowers

Leah has taken on numerous roles in Maranatha’s Biblical dramas, including “Simon Peter, Fisherman,” “Daniel, Bold to Pray,” Rahab, A Harlot’s Faith,” “A Letter to Philemon,” and various Passion Plays through the years. She has been featured in the Christmas dramas of “Divine Gift,” “The Gift of the Magi,” and “Sing of His Glory.” Relating well to children and youth, she has performed for children’s theaters and has assisted with summer drama camps. Acting since she was twelve, Leah is now also pursuing radio theater as she raises her young children.

Kimberly Lapham

Kimberly has performed in a variety of roles with the drama ministry, including Della in “The Gift of the Magi” and Mary in “Divine Gift,” a Christmas drama for which she was the co-writer.  She has used her talents of acting, directing, and writing for live theatre from her college years to present day.  Perfecting the art of interactive drama with Maranatha, she launched out on her own with two original Biblical monologues several years ago.  Currently she works as the Event Coordinator for Global Disciples, based in Lancaster but ministering throughout the world.

Michael Lapham
Michael Lapham has performed with Maranatha in a variety of roles, including the narrator troubadour in “his words: HIS WORD,” Onesimus in “A Letter to Philemon,” and all of the male roles in “Martyred: The Chet Bitterman Story.” His theatrical journey with stage acting has been ongoing for years and marked by everything from state of the art theaters to street interaction.  He also enjoys script writing and composing music. He is employed as a full-time actor with Sight and Sound, portraying a variety of Biblical roles in this large theater near Lancaster, PA.

Lois Neidermyer 

A retired teacher and principal, Lois serves as Executive Director of Maranatha Productions, succeeding her late husband Dan, who was one of the founders of this nonprofit educational theater and production company. In addition to overseeing the operation of the drama ministry, she joins Maranatha’s casts in roles like Sarah in “Abraham, Sarah and At Long Last Isaac” and Anna in “The Messiah Has Come!”  Most often she serves as a narrator in Maranatha performances, engaging the audience and inviting some of them to become a part of the cast. In addition, Lois  writes scripts for new Biblical dramas, for Christmas productions, and at times for specially requested programs.

Chuck Piper

Chuck debuted with Maranatha Productions as one of Joshua’s spies in “Rahab, a Harlot’s Faith.”  He also has performed in “Blessed by Fanny” as an arrogant reporter who interviews the blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby.  His past experience as an actor includes other performances in local area churches.

Amy Shea
With experience in a variety of acting companies, Amy has been with Maranatha in the role of hymn writer Fanny Crosby in “Blessed by Fanny,” using her vocal talents as well.  In the past Amy has been taken on a myriad of roles in Maranatha’s passion plays and secular dramas.  She has also performed professionally with numerous local theaters such as: Gretna Theatre, Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, Rainbow Dinner Theater, Theater of the Seventh Sister, and most recently with Historic Philadelphia Penumbral Productions. In addition to her theatrical performance credits, Amy is a producer, director, arts educator, writer, model, singer, and costumer.

Sunny Sweigart

Sunny has taken on varied roles in Maranatha’s Biblical dramas, including “Abraham, Sarah, and At Long Last Isaac,” “Lost and Found” with three parables, and as Paul in “A Letter to Philemon.”  He is also featured in the Christmas dramas “The Shoemaker Welcomes Christmas,” “Through the Eyes of the Angels,” and “The Messiah Has Come!”  Sunny enjoys secular dramas as well, performing in Maranatha’s murder mystery, with Act I Productions on the Strasburg Railroad, and in Amish plays with Freedom Players.

Corey Thomas
Corey has portrayed a large variety of roles with Maranatha: in dramas of faith-based lives, in Biblical accounts, and for children’s theater and dinner theater. He has taken on the role of the outspoken rabbi in “Blind Bartimaeus,” the part of runaway Jonah,  King Darius in the Daniel drama, the terrorist role of the M-19 guerrilla in “Martyred: the Chet Bitterman Story,” and a wanna-be Elvis in a murder mystery. With a full-time job as a mason, Corey considers his opportunities to act with Maranatha as his ministry and service for the Lord.

Samantha Thomas

Samantha debuted with Maranatha Productions in the passion play “Consider the Lilies” and continued with other Biblical roles.  She successfully took on the challenging role of Rahab in “Rahab, a Harlot’s Faith.”  Her versatility allowed her to play Betsy Sue in the hillbilly murder mystery “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”  Her acting and vocal talents have been appreciated by 2-Shea Productions as well.  She enjoys her real roles of wife to Corey and mother of Quinn.

Through the years there have been hundreds of people who have acted with Maranatha Productions–people of all ages and people from various states and countries. Their sharing of their God-given talents has blessed countless people through this drama ministry.
Adult actors with experience who are interested in drama ministry are welcome to contact Maranatha Productions for an audition.