About Us

The Mission and Meaning of Maranatha Productions, Inc.

MISSION of Maranatha Productions:  To bring the SCRIPTURES to life through DRAMA!

Maranatha Productions, Inc., is a nonprofit production company that has been dramatizing Biblical accounts and reenacting true stories of faith-based lives for forty years.   Live productions are available for all ages, providing inspirational messages and wholesome entertainment.  Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Maranatha drama teams travel throughout the United States as well as internationally to perform in churches and schools, at camps and conferences, and for retirement homes and community organizations.  A trademark of Maranatha’s performances is interaction with the audience along with spontaneous audience participation to complete the cast, thus making the drama real and the impact lasting.

Maranatha was founded in 1969 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, by several Christian men with talents for and interest in the performing arts as an avenue for ministry.  In time one of those men, Dan Neidermyer, became the Executive Producer of Maranatha Productions, Inc., an educational theater and production company.  Many of the dramas performed today by Maranatha were written by Dan.  When he went to be with the Lord in 2007, his wife Lois became the Executive Director, and the Board of Directors and the actors have continued with this drama ministry.


Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase which means “our Lord is coming.”  Early Christians would say “Maranatha” to each other as a greeting, just as people say “hello” to each other today.  When the Lord Jesus was here on earth, before He ascended into heaven, He promised that He would “come again.”  This was the hope of the early Christians and is the promised hope of Christians today.  The word Maranatha is found in I Corinthians 16:22 in the King James Version of the Bible.

The word Maranatha can also mean, “Joyfully proclaim the coming of the Lord.”  The people associated with Maranatha Productions, Inc., have come to embrace the term as “Give joy in your work until the Lord comes again.”